Our 10% Giving Pledge

We pledge to donate 10% of every purchase (minus returns) to support women and children affected by sexual violence, domestic abuse, and human trafficking. This will be given as cash donations or physical donations to non-profit organizations supporting these causes. Our goal is to grow WakeWell so we can help as many women and children get out of unsafe homes or environments and into healthy ones as we can, so they can rest well and live a life free from the fear of abuse or violence.

Occasionally, we may sponsor alternative, short-term, cause-specific fundraising events during which we will support an identified cause through the sale of designated pillows or other products. Some examples of these are disaster relief or cancer awareness events. These events will always be clearly identified and participation will be optional. Donations given from sales through these events will be to the identified cause exclusively.

Why Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence & Human Trafficking?

Our goals for WakeWell go beyond just making a profit. One of our goals is for WakeWell to be an avenue to help fight against oppression and injustice, and in particular to help those who don’t have a safe place to sleep. We plan to do this more specifically by helping women and children that have been affected by domestic violence, sexual abuse, or human trafficking, through our 10% Giving Pledge.

There are several reasons we have chosen this particular focus. When fighting against injustice and oppression, women and children are generally one of the most vulnerable populations and frequent victims. However, there is a personal connection to these causes as well. Without going into detail, Ryan & Jamie Del Balso have multiple close connections to victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. In all these cases, those affected by the abuse and violence have had lifelong trauma, and in one case the victim was almost killed by her abusive boyfriend.

We also know others that have experienced the fear and trauma of being potential targets for human traffickers. While not in every case, there is often a link between sexual abuse and domestic violence to human trafficking. So by fighting human trafficking, we are also fighting against domestic violence and sexual abuse.

As a bedding company, we believe it makes sense to support causes that help those that don’t have a safe place to sleep. One thing that these injustices have in common is that when someone is the victim of any of them they don’t feel safe, and when you don’t feel safe you can never truly rest well. We want to help them get to a safe environment where they can feel safe, rest well, and live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Our hearts break every time we hear the stories of women and children that have been assaulted or abused, and we hope that by making this 10% Giving Pledge we can make a small difference in the lives of some.

Help us make a difference in the life of someone in need. Your purchase of any WakeWell product will help make a difference.

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